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Thanks to the team of dermatologists of Dermas and the most innovative technology, you will always receive a personalized treatment with a single objective: to take care of the health and appearance of your skin.

In Dermas you will also find a pharmacy service to complement your treatment with maximum efficiency and comfort.


In Dermas we offer dermatological and parapharmacy care to all our patients

Looking after your health and wellbeing

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In Dermas, many of our medical services have health coverage (*) with the following insurances:

(*) Not all insurances have the same coverage approved. For particular details contact by mail to or by phone at 93 181 0 181.

  • Control of Moles
    Detection of changes, suspicious evolutions or new appearances. Thanks to our experience and digital equipment we can perform a diagnosis and precise monitoring, avoiding in many cases the need for extirpation.
  • Early detection of melanomas
    Melanoma is the most dangerous skin cancer and often resemble moles. For this reason we offer the Cutaneous Screening, the most advanced preventive test. This test consists of the creation of a clinical record consisting of a total digital body photoregistration, a digital microfilm record and its corresponding medical report
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases – ETS
    Unfortunately they are more frequent than we think and can afect both our relationship and our comfort. In Dermas we put our professionalism and total discretion so that you feel more comfortable during the process. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential to avoid severe complications, whatever is the nature of the condition.
  • Acne
    The reasons can be very diverse: hormonal, genetic, environmental, psychological, etc. Our team of specialists will assess each case to offer the best solution to this disease and the cicatricial lesions that may have already left on the skin.
  • Psoriasis and Eczema
    Dermas is doing ongoing reasearch for the treatment of psoriasis and eczema. Unfortunately, current treatments for psoriasis do not guarantee cure, but they help to minimize its expression and allow to improve the quality of life
  • Infections of skin, mucous membranes and external genital tissues
    Infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi. Our panel of specialists studies each case to reach the diagnosis and find the most appropriate solution, whatever the type of infection.
  • Hair loss, alopecia
    Hair loss can be caused for a variety of reasons. Our team investigate each case carefully to indicated the aproprieate  treatment. A good diagnosis is essential to face the problem with guarantees of success.

    We use the latest proven effective medical treatments, combined with treatments such as the infiltration of autologous growth factors extracted from the patient’s platelet-rich plasma.

Medical Dermatology

Here you can find our main services to detect and monitor melanomas and moles, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of cutaneous infections and some diseases and dermatological lesions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc

Surgical Dermatology

In Dermas we have the technical and professional knowledge to eliminate skin lesions, both pigmented and vascular lesions. We are also specialized in the application of rejuvenation treatments and different types of tumor surgery, from conventional surgery to Mohs micrographic surgery.

  • Cryotherapy
    At Dermas we use liquid nitrogen as a tool for the elimination of small skin lesions
  • Dermatological laser
    The main indications of the dermatological laser are for pigmented lesions, vascular lesions or surgical laser procedures.
  • Surgical Interventions
    Dermas has extensive experience in surgical interventions, from the simplest interventions performed in our office, to those that, due to their characteristics, it is advisable to perform in the operating room.
  • Photodynamic therapy
    Due to its regenerative and non-aggressive properties, photodynamic therapy is indicated for different types of cutaneous cancers or diseases such as psoriasis, viral warts or alopecia areata. Photodynamic therapy is also used in treatments for acne and skin rejuvenation.
  • Skin cancer treatment
    Conventional surgery, photodynamic therapy or Mohs micrographic surgery. Dermas dermatologist team will recommend the most appropriate treatment for you, supporting you with detailed information regarding the procedure. Mohs micrographic surgery is highly effective for the treatment and extirpation of skin cancer.
  • Laser hair removal
    We have the most advanced technology and professionals to assist your treatment.
  • Peelings
    Through microbrasion, Peeling químicos o Peeling laser] No sé la traducción tecnica we achieve the progressive improvement of scars, smoothing or eliminating of lines, improving the tension and luminosity of the skin, or a combination of all of them.
  • Facial rejuvenation and lines treatment
    Peelings, photodynamic therapies and hyaluronic acid are the most tecnichecs used at Dermas. Recover the elasticity and tonicity of your skin making used of our advenced technology.
  • Lips
    Over time the lips become thinner and flatter, with the help of the AH [?] we can shape your lips.
  • Removal of tattoos and spots
    We use laser therapies to extract exogenous pigments from the skin or endogenous pigments
  • Varicose veins treatment
    We dispose of dispose of all kinds of laser treat varicose veins. Laser treatments do not require hospital admission and it’s the most advanced procedure that allows significant decrease in pain.
  • Botulinum toxin
    This technique is used against hyperhidrosis and expression lines.
  • Scars Removal
    We use many techniques to remove scars, including laser treatments.


Our professionals will help you feel better about yourself. We provide you all the information you need solve your aesthetic, dermatological or capillary issues. Complement your treatment with our personalized vending service to reach the results you are looking for.

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